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I'm A Sexual Assault Survivor Too, & This Is Why We Need Voices Like AOC's In Congress

As our government grows more diverse in gender and ethnicity, inevitably our legislature will also consist of more and more people living with the trauma of gender-based violence. That’s messed up. But when we have survivors in government who are able to speak openly about their experiences while making decisions for the welfare of the people, it gives survivors a chance to equalize the playing field.

Teen Activists Are Fighting For Their — & Your — Right To Vote

Amira Tripp Folsom believes in change. The 18-year-old activist from Portland, Oregon, is passionate about discussing issues that affect teens across the country — like climate change, systemic racism, and school policing — and what she thinks should be done about them. "We should have a say in the things that happen to us," Tripp Folsom tells Elite Daily. That's why she's pushing so hard to lower the voting age to 16.