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Her Son Died In Prison — Now She's Trying To Save Kids From That Fate

Jeanette Bocanegra points out the irony of the situation. Her son, Jahpower, spent two years in a juvenile detention and four years in an adult facility after his arrest at age 14. She calls it the worst nightmare a parent can go through. “My son was exposed to gang violence, abuse from correction officers,” she said. “Some of the things that he experienced, at the hands of the ones supposed to care for him, for [his] safety, were things that, if I as a parent were to do to my son, I would be ar

The Scary Gun Law Loophole No One Talks About

And it's possible that laws keeping guns out of the hands of abusers are about to get looser. In a case before the Supreme Court this term, Voisine v. United States , two convicted domestic abusers are challenging the law that forbids them from owning guns, arguing that their crimes technically don't qualify as domestic assault. If the court rules in favor of them, it would narrow the definition of domestic abuse, and undermine the laws preventing those with violent histories from getting guns."